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Did business, marriage, curiosity or - why not - a sudden attraction to Romania bring you here? In this case you may find these lines helpful.

I bet some of you thought people speak Russian here. You've convinced yourselves we're far from that. However, somehow Romanian sounds like Russian, but it's also very similar to Italian. Strange, isn't it? If you further add the symetry between Romanians, Romans and Romani i.e. Gypsies things really get confused. Well, let me clear things up for you.

Romans... they did conquer us some time ago, and we took so much pride in it that we decided to name ourselves after them. So the similarity between Romanians and Romans was deliberate. No one imagined back then that this would generate an embarassing confusion with the Gypsies - who came up with the idea of calling themselves Romani. So this is a mere coincidence.

Ok, so which is our identity after all? One answer may be that we still struggle to shape one. If you mix together Thracian (the language of our ancestors), Latin, Slavic, Turkish, Greek, French, add some romgleza (the trendy fusion between Romanian and English spoken by younger peolple) and spice it with a couple of Gypsy words the result would be quite unique... which is exactly how Romania(n) is.

Coming back to modern times - we offer you innovative teaching methods e.g. the technique of using no contact language other than Romanian (which is called a "linguistic bath"); modern equipment (projector, surround sound, flipchart) and ergonomic furniture that further improve the learning process.

You can find tailor-made courses in order to suit your needs, intensive & extensive modules, small groups starting from 3 participants - in short an approach that focuses on the learner and on his/her needs. So... hai să învățăm limba română!